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  1. J.O. says:

    Hey whats up , I’m J.O. representing the hip hop group O.I.S.D. (Operation Industry Shut Down) out of Queens and Brooklyn NYC. I started following you guys on twitter and noticed you had a blog. We are interested in working with you guys. Here is a quick bio of us. Check it out:

    O.I.S.D. has built a solid reputation in less than a year on NYC’s underground hip hop scene, ripping up shows at venues/open mics/showcases such as Public Assembly, Crash Mansion, Brown Bag Thursdays, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, A Monthly Bondfire at The Bowery Poetry Club, amongst other places. They’ve hosted at NYC’s longest running weekly open mic, End Of The Weak, where they’ve also picked up the Strongest Crew Award in 2009. Their high energy live performances and consistent work ethic has granted them the opportunity to perform alongside established acts such as Brown Bag All Stars, Poison Pen, Homeboy Sandman, Tanya Morgan, Hasan Salaam, YC The Cynic, Rebel Diaz, Torae, Fresh Daily, amongst others. Their music, reminiscent of golden era hip hop mixed with their own personal life experiences has won them much acclaim amongst their peers. “We want to revive the good feeling that you used to get from listening to hip hop and music in general” says group co-Founder/Brooklyn emcee E.Y.E.Q “We exhibit that with our live performance and our music.”

    December 24th 2009 was the official introduction to O.I.S.D., marking the release of a 10 song debut LP entitled Leaders of the True School. Featuring production from J.EazeeMayxDaBeatz, group member J.O., C. Jonah & Mitch Hennessey, the singles include “Sidekicks & FlyKicks”, “Get Stupid” and “No Fabrication”. The LP was posted on blogs such as, and to name a few. Reviews were posted by and The Quotable (

    “J.O., E.Y.E.Q, Khid Touche, ShowTyme, and J.Monopoly provide an undoubtedly polished offering revolved around old school/Golden Era production, references and rhyme schemes, delivered with a modern twist.” – The Quotable
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    “This album is definitely one to bang out the end of 2009 and it won’t stop there. Even more confident for Hip Hop music in 2010. LET’S GO! ” –

    Group members are J. Monopoly (Founder), E.Y.E.Q. (Co-Founder) J.O., Khid 2Che & Showtyme

    Here is a direct link for the song just in case the attachments go wrong for some reason:

    also check out our 1st LP – Leaders of the True School
    917-767-6877 (private calls wont be answered)

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